Converting file system

lewis butler lbutler+rsync at
Wed Mar 4 21:19:33 GMT 2009

On 4-Mar-2009, at 06:45, Paul Slootman wrote:
> On Wed 04 Mar 2009, David de Lama wrote:
>> I tested what happens with a file which is saved at a FAT32  
>> partition and then this partition is converted to NTFS.
>> So first I transfered the file with rsync from the FAT32 partition  
>> to my Linux /home folder. Then I converted the FAT32 partition to  
>> NTFS.
>> After the convertation I transfered the file again to see what has  
>> changed (amount of data).
>> I was surprised!!!! Nothing has changed!!! rsync only transfered  
>> the checksums.
> Why are you surprised?
> Did you expect the underlying filesystem conversion to corrupt all the
> files? (Which would sort of defeat the purpose of in-place  
> conversion of
> the filesystem...)

With a change to NTFS I wouldn't expect any change.  However, a change  
FROM NTFS might produce some change as metadata could be lost.  
Transferring from a richer FS to ... ah, more limited FS can certainly  
do that.

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