Converting file system

David de Lama david.delama at
Wed Mar 4 15:01:02 GMT 2009

>Hi @all!
>>I tested what happens with a file which is saved at a FAT32 partition and then this partition is converted to NTFS.
>>So first I transfered the file with rsync from the FAT32 partition to my Linux /home folder. Then I converted the FAT32 partition to NTFS.
>>After the convertation I transfered the file again to see what has changed (amount of data).
>>I was surprised!!!! Nothing has changed!!! rsync only transfered the checksums.
>>How can it be?
>>Are the files on another layer? So that the file system doen't affect the file?
>What did you expect should have changed? It wouldn't be much worth if the
>conversion changed the file data. If you put a new shelf in the cupboard the
>cups will still be the same...
>bye  Fabi

Thanks for the quick answer!
The example with the shelf is very good! :P


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