how rsync calculate Tranfer rate ??

Jignesh Shah jignesh.shah1980 at
Mon Mar 2 08:06:45 GMT 2009


I am not sure how rsync calculates below statistics and how transfer rate
170583.48 bytes/sec ? Where is the total transfer time information? How
speedup is 1? How Total bytes written is  6567384? Could someone please give
me brief information on this.

Number of files: 4
Number of files transferred: 3
Total file size: 6566219 bytes
Total transferred file size: 6566219 bytes
Literal data: 6566219 bytes
Matched data: 0 bytes
File list size: 134
Total bytes written: 6567384
Total bytes read: 80
wrote 6567384 bytes read 80 bytes 170583.48 bytes/sec
total size is 6566219 speedup is 1.00


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