how to keep user/group information when rsyncing to windows for restoring back to

henri henri at
Tue Jun 30 23:49:34 GMT 2009

  I am guessing that you would like to use rsync to create a bootable
  backup.  It may also be worth while spending some time looking at
  CloneZilla or even dd?

  Dd is a really great tool. You know a copy of the device is bit for  

  You can then use rsync to make incremental copies of these directories
  which regularly change.

  In this situation you can restore the machine and then rsync any  
  to the system, reboot and you should be up and running.

  If the system can be down for a while then there are more options, it
  should be possible to configure the machine to boot from the network
  each night perform the backup and then start up again. Then you would
  have a nightly backup which can be easily restored back onto the  

  I have not setup any scripting with CloneZillia. However, I guess this
  is possible. I would be interested to know if anyone has a setup like
  this or just what people think.

  The advantage with this approach is that you will have a fully  
  image taken from the machine each night. The disadvantage is that the
  system may be down for a while depending upon how much data is on the

 >> > I want to backup the who linux system to a windows system. The
 >> backup will
 >> > not be used in windows and will only be used to restore to linux
 >> system
 >> > later.
 >> >
 >> > So I want to know is it possible to use rsync to keep the user/ 
 >> and
 >> > other permission information in windows file system so I can  
 >> these
 >> > information when restoring from windows to Linux?
 >> Perhaps --fake-super will help. See the manpage for details.
 >> Paul
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