difference between --no-implied-dir abd --keep-dirlinks ?

Jignesh Shah jignesh.shah1980 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 29 05:03:34 GMT 2009


I have gone through the rsync documentation and also tested same both
--no-implied-dir and --keep-dirlinks options.  My question is what is the
difference between these options in below scenario?

I have /foo/bar is the symlink to /foo/baz at source and same directory
structure with symlink is there at destination. When I sync the data from
/foo/bar/* with --relative option specified, I am ending with losing symlink
at destination. The rsync replaces symlink (/foo/bar -> /foo/baz) with
/foo/bar directory and synch data into it rather than synching it to
/foo/baz/. When I read rsync documentation and used either of
--keep-dirlinks or --no-implied-dir option, everything works as expected.

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