Crash During Symlink Copy

Joseph (Beau) Rothrock rothrock at
Mon Jun 22 20:55:38 GMT 2009


I notice that rsync dies at the same point every time. The output from  
the -i flag looks garbled:

 >f.sT...... eepercocolc0a62fbfeed7a42a3d9c5e2dcecef40d0
rsync: symlink "/home/y/var/udbs/eeperco1/<file_name_obscured>" -> "/ 
ydb/36/7b/73/<file_name_obscured>" failed: No such file or directory (2)

There is no file on the source called  
'eepercocolc0a62fbfeed7a42a3d9c5e2dcecef40d0', and there is no path  
named /home/y/var/udbs/eeperco1/ although the filename itself is does  
exist. It is a symlink that refers to /ydb/36/7b/73/ 

The command I ran:
rsync -ai --no-t --block-size=8192 --stats rsync://localhost:2019/ydb/ 
13 /home/y/var/udbs/

rsync  version 3.0.5  protocol version 30

Joseph (Beau) Rothrock
rothrock at

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