rsync is fantastic except for one usual feature we want from it .. please help ?

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Rsync is a fantastic program, and it does everything we need in terms of
file transfer and syncing source and destination file directories.


We do have a situation now where we need rsync to transfer the files
once only from the source directory.  Please let me briefly explain

using a simple generic exmple:


1. At t0, we transfer f0 location A to location B


2. At t1, 10 new files are added to Location A

Therefore, rysnc faithfully transfers all 10 new files to location B

At location B, we now have f0 to f10.


3. At t2, f0 to f3 are deleted from location B, and we don't ever want
the deleted files to be copied again from location A


4. At t3,  rysnc waits up, transfers files f0 and f10 again plus any new
files that may have been added.


So, at location B, we end with the deleted files f0 to f3 again.


Can you please think of a way we can soft-switch rsync NOT to do step 4
above ?


Our help much appreciated.




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