Using rsync with SSH and delta transfer

Josh Hanson JoshHanson at
Wed Jun 17 18:45:43 GMT 2009

I'm trying to securely back up a few windows systems to an off-site
Windows (I know, I hate it too!) machine. I want some sort of encrypted
tunnel, and I want to take advantage of rsync's delta transfer.
Complicating this is that I only directly control the client side; any
setup on the server side will be done by an independent technician, so
I'd like to make it as simple as possible for him. (I don't mind having
a bit of extra work here on the client side).


The part I can't figure out is, do I need to run rsync in daemon mode on
the server in order to use delta transfer? I had assumed so, but there's
nothing I can see in the documentation to indicate that. (On the
contrary, the documentation says, "Using rsync in this way [with the
daemon] is the same as using it with a remote shell except that:" and
goes on to list a few minor differences; delta transfer is not listed.)
This leaves me wondering... do I need a copy of rsync simply installed
on the server side, that perhaps gets run from the shell when the SSH
connection is established? I can't see anything in the man page about
what needs to be installed on the server.


So, what exactly must I install and configure on the server? Might the
cwRsync package include everything I need to do this? It appears to
include software to make an ssh connection from the client side, but not
to receive one from the server side.



Josh Hanson

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