ai_family not supported

devzero at devzero at
Mon Jun 15 16:32:24 GMT 2009


i`m trying to use rsync via inetd and having problems.

i`m getting 

2009/06/15 18:25:29 [41082] name lookup failed for : ai_family not supported
2009/06/15 18:25:29 [41082] connect from UNKNOWN ()

when trying to write to rsync daemon via inetd.
reading works fine.

inetd.conf looks like this:

rsync stream tcp nowait root /path/rsync rsync --daemon --log-file=/tmp/rsync.log --config=/path/rsyncd.conf -vv

rsyncd.conf looks like this:

pid file=/tmp/
use chroot = no
list = yes
ignore errors = no
ignore nonreadable = yes
transfer logging = no
uid = root
gid = root
strict modes = no

        comment = backup
        path = /path/backup/
        read only = no

what does that error mean and how can this be solved ?

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