rsync from Windows 2003 to Solaris 10

Joseph L. Casale JCasale at
Wed Jun 10 22:38:27 GMT 2009

I am trying to duplicate a job I have going from Windows 2008 ntfs to
CentOS 5 ext3 with rsync, but from Windows 2003 ntfs to Solaris 10 ZFS.

The 2008->CentOS job runs as:
rsync.exe -ravcz --delete-during -e "ssh -i <snip>\.ssh\id_rsa" "/cygdrive/g/<snip>/" backup at host:/home/backup

and the job only transmits the delta, as hoped.

The 2003->Solaris job runs as:
rsync.exe -rvc --delete -e "ssh -i <snip>\.ssh\id_rsa" "/cygdrive/y/<snip>/" root at host:/mypool1/path

and the job ends up transmitting the whole file over, not just the delta?
I removed the -a as I have permission issues on the ZFS file system, is
that the reason (-z not needed on this one)?

Anything I am missing?


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