rsync --daemon. Can I open more than one instances?

Daniel.Li daniel_li at
Tue Jun 9 05:41:47 GMT 2009

On Mon, 2009-06-08 at 22:39 -0500, Rahul Nabar wrote:
> > If you're not using different partitions on different disks, then
> doing
> > anything in parallel is probably going to slow it down
> (reading/writing
> > all over the disk, means more seektime, which means waiting).
> No, its just a single partition. But the "single disk" is a hardware
> RAID5 at one end. (The other backup end is a SATA drive)
> Is it still pretty much typical that the disk is the bottleneck? Not
> CPU/memory etc.?
> In spite of the diff computation etc. does disk seek remain the
> bottleneck usually.

a) Try iometer/hdparm or other tools to get HD performance data;
b) Moniter CPU and mem usage during backup;
c) Moniter network usage;
d) ... bla bla...

I think you can test the system to find out what is the bottleneck. 

I run a daemon on my Nasbox, and the limit is cpu usage, cause it's
400Mhz. I this case I suggest to use samba, just mount to your Laptop
and backup to mount point.

Well, just my opinion, network and disk is probably the bottleneck for
the system like yours. 

If you have got those data, then you will find the way to go.
If it's disk, as Leon said, backup to different disks, or why NOT try
raid 0/raid 10, or something else?

Daniel Li

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