remove-source-files checking for open files?

Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk roy at
Wed Jun 3 08:19:31 GMT 2009


We have a box here connected to an antenna receiving rather large  
amounts of metheorological data from a satellite. the data is received  
and ransferred to another box and removed from the receiving server. I  
first thought of using rsync for this, but it seems --remove-source- 
files has no way of checking if the file is open or not, so if the  
receiving process is still writing to a file, rsync will transfer the  
file and unlink() it without bothering if the file has been modified  
any further, effectively resulting in a corrupt file. I solved this  
with a rather clumsy script doing md5sums for fils at both ends and  
checking if I have the exact same file at both sides some time after  
transfer. this works, but it's not really optimal.

Does anyone know if rsync could be better on this somehow?

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