How to push files from Linux to Windows

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>> Hi,
>> I am newbie on rsync.
>> I want to push files from a rsync repository on a Linux machine
>> (hostname=myserver) to some Windows machines (hostname=mydesktopn, where n
>> is a sequence number to identify the Windows PC) to force updates of the
>> files into C:\mypath\to\files.
>> Is there any way to do that? Or is it impossible and I need to content
>> pulling the files instead of pushing them.
> This would probably be easier to do with a pull. Install cygwin with rsync
> and ssh, script up whatever you want, and add it to windows' "scheduled
> tasks". Out of curiosity, why do you do this instead of just sharing mypath
> on Samba?
> *I* do exactly the sort of thing kschwarz describes.  Perhaps it will be
useful for me (also) to answer these questions.
I rarely use cygwin because I find it heavy and fragile.  I'm willing to
believe that my own unhappy experience with cygwin is unrepresentative of
its value in general; perhaps it works great most of the time, in most
I don't rely on Samba because I have situations where I also don't like to
install Samba, and moreover the Windows host is frequently disconnected, and
unable to reach the Linux-based datacenter.
I summarize:  the configuration kschwarz had in mind requires less
installation and configuration, at least for me.  Others will already assume
Samba and/or cygwin, and might justly come to a quite different conclusion.
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