Which function in generator trigger the file transfer?

Daniel.Li daniel_li at usish.com
Tue Jun 2 09:44:38 GMT 2009

I'm new to rsync, just read little of codes right now. 

I have read the pipe line would be "generator → sender → receiver". 
But I didn't find where rsync makes sure that the file is going to be transfered (time stamp/file checksum).

     A. Is there anyone familiar with the code,  can give me some tips
a) where generator send the time stamp/file checksum 
b) where sender compared time stamp/file stamp
c) where receiver make sure that it's a go mission?

I think some function names is enough for me shorten the time and get a
basic understanding of the code.

Thanks in advance.

On Tue, 2009-06-02 at 15:31 +0800, Daniel.Li wrote: 
> Dear List,
> I checked the function "generate_files", which might be simply stand for
> generator, but didn't find where triggers the file transfer. As receiver
> will use "read_ndx_and_attrs" to read iflags to judge if it's need to be
> transfered? 
> If I'm wrong, please correct me. Can anyone help to point it out?
> Thanks.
Daniel Li

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