Difference between rsync -r S1 S2 T and cp -r S1 S2 T

Tony Abernethy tony at servacorp.com
Tue Jun 2 08:09:26 GMT 2009

Dunno for sure, but I'd expect differences if S1 is /dev

Simple case, a copy is just a copy.
Edge cases, there's lot of room for differences in exactly
what happens when things are not exactly perfect. 
Many times I use rsync because I know what it does and
I'm not exactly sure what cp will do.
These differences increase in importance with distance
between the source and destination.

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> Subject: Difference between rsync -r S1 S2 T and cp -r S1 S2 T
> The manual says rsync can be used as an improved cp command. 
> If S1 and S2 are (local) source files or directories and T is 
> an (local)
> existing directory, is it safe to think that
> $ rsync -r S1 S2 T
> does the same thing as
> $ cp -r S1 S2 T
> , assuming no trailing slashes in S1, S2?
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