Rsync spawning a child process when pulling files ?

Jan Alphenaar jan.alphenaar at
Mon Jun 1 10:22:25 GMT 2009


I am using rsync 3.0.4 on a WinXP machine (with CygWin) to synchronize my
files to a RedHat Linux server. Everything is working perfectly, but there
is one thing I do not understand.

Apparently there is a difference in pushing and pulling files with rsync.
When I push my files to the server with this command, I see one rsync
process on my WinXP machine, just as expected

rsync -rlt -e "ssh -T" Test.pst <user>@<ip address>:/data

But when I pull my files from the server to my WinXP machine with this
command, I see two rsync processes on my WinXP machine.

rsync -rlt -e "ssh -T" <user>@<ip address>:/data/Test.pst .

Can anybody confirm that this is the default behavior ? If yes, what would
be the reason for spawning an extra child rsync process ?

Any information is appreciated.

Warm regards,


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