rsync-3.0.6 prints file list generation time wrong ???

Carlos Carvalho carlos at
Mon Jun 1 01:44:09 GMT 2009

Wayne Davison (wayned at wrote on 30 May 2009 10:12:
 >On Fri, May 29, 2009 at 06:29:22PM +0530, Jignesh Shah wrote:
 >> Does that mean rsync traversed complete 1000k files in 0.671 seconds?
 >Rsync uses an incremental recursion scan by default, so when that is
 >active the time mentioned is just for the getting-started part of the
 >scan.  I've been thinking aobut making the sender time each extra scan
 >that it does as the incremental scan progresses and add the times up,
 >but that is not what rsync currently does.

That'd be quite useful. One of the important delays in syncing large
dirs is the time to scan all files, so knowing how much it is is

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