DeltaCopy puts unwanted TAB character into rsync command

Roger Price roger at
Sun Jul 26 14:39:44 MDT 2009

Imran Hussain writes Tue Dec 6 19:54:06 GMT 2005

> I have written an rsync wrapper for Windows called DeltaCopy. 
> ( It is 
> written in Borland C++ Builder and source is also available on the 
> net. Let me know if someone has any suggestions/comments.

Hello Imran, I have a Windows PC running Vista Family Premium 
Edition SP2.  I installed DeltaCopy and set it up to make a test 
backup to an openSUSE Linux 11.0 server running rsync 3.0.2.

The test fails because the rsync command created by DeltaCopy is 
badly formed: it has an unwanted TAB after the module name.

Executing: rsync.exe  -v -rlt -z --delete
  "/cygdrive/M/Documents de Michel/Documents/Test backup/"
  "michel at	/Test backup/"

@ERROR: Unknown module 'Michel-MD1695	'
rsync error: error starting client-server protocol (code 5) at 

The TAB appears to come from the server as part of the server reply 
to the query for the list of modules.  Each module name is followed 
by a TAB even though there are no comment lines in rsyncd.conf on 
the server.

I have run DeltaCopy on Windows XP against the same server without 
problems, so DeltaCopy is capable of trimming the TAB at least on 
some occasions.

How can I get rid of this TAB?  Any suggestions would be much 


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