Files with / in their name....

monkeymoped simon at
Thu Jul 23 14:11:57 MDT 2009

Hi there - I am trying to do a site to site nightly rsync between two boxes
using ssh - all of the setup steps work and everything can talk nicely etc.
However, the users unfortunately have lots of files with / in the filename
(eg 21/08/08.ppt etc.) - when I try and run rsync on the content of these
folders rsync understandably moans about the filenames being invalid (ie it
thinks they are folder seperators rather than filenames) and stops. Is there
a way I can get rsync to 'blindly' synch these files and ignore the / in the
filename? I would just say to the clients to rename said files but there are
a whold bunch of them, ie way too many to do this for. Any help much
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