--delete-before doesn't seem to actually be deleting before transfer

Tim Edwards tkedwards at fastmail.com.au
Tue Jul 21 10:18:45 MDT 2009

Matt McCutchen schrieb:
>> Thanks for the help but I've still had no luck with this. The command 
>> now looks like:
>> backupstoremove.py | rsync -av --progress --no-p --no-g --delete-before 
>> --stats --include-from=- --include=/media/300GIGHD/backups/dar/restore 
>> --exclude="*.dar" /media/300GIGHD/backups/dar/ 
>> /media/BACKUPUSBSTICK/backups/
> I forgot: the --delete-excluded option is needed so that the exclude
> does not protect destination directories from deletion.  Before you give
> up, you might want to try again with that option.
Thanks, that looks like it's worked. However I've found that the effect 
is the same as doing an rm -f before the transfer - since 
--exclude=*.dar it removes all files, even the ones that are 
--include'd, and then starts the transfer from scratch. Just using rm 
keeps my script simpler and easier to read.



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