Rsnapshot/rsync buffer overflow

Carlos Carvalho carlos at
Sat Jul 18 12:35:15 MDT 2009

Steven Levine (steve53 at wrote on 17 July 2009 19:51:
 >In <C1E87FB7-A3B8-4AA9-93F8-BFF0EFFD9E7C at>, on 07/17/09
 >   at 01:46 PM, Kurt Nelson <kurtisnelson at> said:
 >Hi Kurt,
 >Please reply to the list...
 >>Any good workarounds?
 >Depends on your needs.  If you really need names this long, rsync builds
 >pretty easily.  Change the pathname max to something you can live with
 >rsync should stop complaining.  Look for MAXPATHLEN.

rsync uses MAXPATHLEN if it's defined. If it is defined, and the
compilation sees it, you have a problem in the system because you
shouldn't have names longer than it. Check if the compilation sees it.

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