rsync between windows Opensolaris failures

Harry Putnam reader at
Thu Jul 9 06:51:23 MDT 2009

Paul Slootman <paul+rsync at> writes:

> On Wed 08 Jul 2009, Harry Putnam wrote:
>> But there is also a `last login' message.... that apparently doesn't
>> cause any problems... since rsync works now.  I see the `last login'
>> message if I do a straight ssh harry at harvey
> Do you see it with Jan-Benedict's suggestion of "ssh harry at harvey true"?
> The last login message should only be given in an interactive login, not
> when a command is given.

Ahh I see now.  I check with Jan-B's technique and saw output.
Corrected the echo and just assumed the last login was still there.
Didn't think to check again with xxd.  But, no, nothing is output now.

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