rsync Windows to opensolaris or linux

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Wed Jul 8 12:32:56 MDT 2009

I think you need to look at the permissions you will need on Windows
if (ie when) you need to recover. You can do a little better than
distinguish read-only from writable, but not much and not easily.
The simpler you can stand it, the happier you will be.

With -a parameter, rsync will complain going to anything that 
cannot handle users and groups (including SMB shares)

Keep in mind that the easiest (only?) way to ensure consistency is 
to destroy all conflicting/inconsistent information.

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> Subject: rsync Windows to opensolaris or linux
> I know this subject has been covered a fair bit here but I'm getting
> confused with the vast array of possible options I've seen in various
> cmdlines posted here, and the vast (and sometimes confusing) rsync
> manual.
> Can someone show me the simplest case to allow rsync to push data from
> a windows XP or vista machine onto an opensolaris host using rsync on
> cygwin? 
> What options are commonly required?
> is a simple command line like this:
>  (NOTE: The --inplace part has to do with the zfs filesytem on
>  opensolaris and its snapshot function)
>   rsync -avv --inplace /cygdrive/c/ user at opensol:/ZHOSTS/someHost/ 
> I'm guessin the -a might get me introuble trying to make windows ntfs
> match a unix permissions setup.  So what is better?
> My concern here is when it comes time to restore something I don't hit
> some unexpected snag involving permissions on windows.
> Also I seem to recall something on windows having to do with ntfs that
> can fool rsync into thinking the data is all new and different than
> the data on the remote .. so invoking a massive transfer where a
> differences only transfer should have occurred.
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