Trivial exclude help

Tom Lanyon tom at
Tue Jul 7 21:35:19 MDT 2009

Hi list,

Sorry for the exclude question... but I have been trying for hours to  
get this to work and am utterly baffled.

I'm performing an archive transfer between hosts and wish to include  
anything in any directory named 'debug' or 'drpms' at any depth. I  
assumed this would be as simple as --exclude 'debug/***' --exclude  
'drpms/***' but I still get files retrieved.

Full option list is:
rsync -aHi --no-o --delay-updates --delete --delete-excluded --delete- 
after --exclude 'drpms/***' --exclude 'debug/***' host1::foo/bar/ / 

... and files like these are still retrieved:

.d..t.... debug/
 >f+++++++ debug/AGReader-debuginfo-1.2-5.fc10.x86_64.rpm

I've tried many many alternative exclude patterns, tried increasing  
the debugging level to try and work out how they're still matched and  
I haven't had any success. Any help very much appreciated.

Please include me on any replies as I'm not subscribed to this list.


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