Listing Changed Files Without Two Copies?

henri henri at
Tue Jul 7 00:50:49 GMT 2009

> > What I am curious about is if there is a way to achieve this without
> > maintaining two copies of the files. Is there any way to run rsync
> > against a fileset where rsync will produce a checksum or something  
> for
> > those files and can then later determine what files have changed  
> without
> > maintaining a second copy of those files?
> >
> > I realize rsync is primarily a backup tool (and a great one!) and  
> this
> > probably falls outside of its purview.
> man md5sum
> Initially (With filenames that (may) contain spaces):
> find * -type f -printf %p\\0 | xargs -0 md5sum > md5
> Without filenames that contain spaces it's a little shorter:
> find * -type f | xargs md5sum > md5
> Then you have a file with an md5sum of all files
> And to later check what files have changed:
> md5sum -c md5
> That's it.

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