How to make big MySQL database more diffable/rsyncable? (aka rsyncing big files)

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Mon Jul 6 17:27:12 GMT 2009

On Jul 6, 2009 4:41am, Krzysztof Nosek <krzysztof.nosek at> wrote:
> I'm having a very hard time rsyncing efficiently a MySQL database which  
> contains very large binary blobs.
> How to do it better? I thought that rsync would be magically able to  
> extract changes from my data. However, it looks like it diffs the 17G  
> file everyday again and again, even it stayed intact. The  
> times/attributes of files do not change across the copies either, as  
> mysqlhotcopy preserves them.

There was a recent thread on this list regarding rsync of MS SQL Server  
database backups. Most of those suggestions would apply to the mysql case  
as well. You would want to make sure you are telling rsync to use a block  
size that is the same as or an integral multiple of the mysql block size.  
You will also want to minimize unnecessary change in the source database  
(index rebuilds are a major culprit).

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