rsync compression (-z) and timestamp

David de Lama david.delama at
Wed Jan 28 11:35:05 GMT 2009

Thanks a lot guys!

I tested several files with the compression option and the compress level.

But the strange thing with the timestamps is still disturbing me.
I deleted the cache as Sven told me with a bash file:

echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches

After creating a file of 1GB I copy it with the standard rsync command.
Then I made "touch -t 200901261330" and run this command:
rsync -av --bwlimit=10000 --stats --progress --delete"/home/test" /backup/rsync0
It takes about 80sec.
Then I made "touch" and run the rsync command with forced md5:
rsync -acv --bwlimit=10000 --stats --progress --delete"/home/test" /backup/rsync0
Now it takes only about 45sec.
So I am still wondering. Am I doing wrong?!


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