rsync compression (-z) and timestamp

David de Lama david.delama at
Tue Jan 27 13:18:35 GMT 2009

Hi @all!

Sorry about that many questions, but after searching and reading tons different web sites, I didn't find exactly what I am searching for.

So, I know that with the -z Option rsync compresses the files with gzip, than the files are transfared and at the target machine uncompressed.
I want to know, is there a possibility to see how big the compressed file is, which rsync generates before being transfered?
If not, is there a chance to let the file compressed on the target machine?
I want to make some tests, also with the compression ratio.

I made a test and transfered a 1GB file. I changed the timestamp with the touch command and rsync needs with the -c Option 42sec and without 80sec!
I expected it viceversa! How can it be?! (I made the test several times)
I also changed the user rights with chmod. Here the result were what I expected! Rsync needed 45sec with the -c Option, and 2sec without!

Again, thank you for spending time to answer!


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