Include/Exclude problems

Mag Gam magawake at
Sun Jan 25 15:29:23 GMT 2009


I am trying to rsync a very large filesystem which is about 3TB, but
naturally I want to exclude a lot of things. However, I am really
struggling with excluding directories.

SRC=/dasd/december/2008  #Notice there is no trailing slash
TARGET=/backup/december/2008 #Notice there is no trailing slash

I want to exclude


#NOTICE: I added a trailing slash for $SRC but nothing for $TARGET
rsync --exclude Data/** --exclude Catalogs/**  --exclude Logs/**
--numeric-ids --archive --delete --delete-excluded --human-readable
--stats --verbose --progress $SRC/ $TARGET.0

For some reason Data Logs and Catalogs are still being synced.

BTW, I am using the hardlink method to keep snapshots. So before the
rsync I am cp -al from 0 to 1 and removing the oldest

Any ideas?

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