Soft link trouble with rsync on SGI

Jones, Matthew L (N-Scitor) matthew.l.jones at
Fri Jan 23 16:57:55 GMT 2009

Rsync v:                3.0.1

OS:                         IRIX 6.5.28f

HW Plat:               SGI 2400


Disclaimer: I am running rsync 3.0.1.  It's difficult and costly for us
to get new versions put on our system, so I'm hoping you will all help
me out anyways.  If the solution is indeed suspected in a later version
of rsync, then we will go through the pain to get it installed.


Problem: Rsync seems to always synch soft links instead of only synching
"new" ones.  


I have 2 machines and I run 2 rsync commands from one of them to keep
them in synch.  First I rsync to the remote box and have it send the
local side all new stuff (rsync -auvz) and then I rsync from the local
box and send the local new stuff back.   This works really well for
standard files and directories... but it breaks on soft links.  On the
first rsync I will get an older link from the remote site copied over a
newer link on the local side.  It seems to always synch the links as
opposed to comparing the age.


Is there a way around this?  Or, is there indeed a fix in a later
version of rsync?


I will check the mailing list, but please feel free to e-mail me
directly.  Best for me would be to send to both.




Matt Jones

Lockheed Martin

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