DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6032] error in rsync protocol data stream

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Fri Jan 16 00:02:24 GMT 2009

------- Comment #4 from matt at  2009-01-15 18:02 CST -------
That is strange, but the output does seem to indicate pretty clearly that rsync
is not the thing closing the connection.  It's possible that the file is
triggering a data-dependent bug in ssh or even the network (but that seems
unlikely because ssh would be encrypting with a different random key each
time).  In any case, you could see whether rsync fails in the same way when you
do any of the following:

- Remove the -z option.

- Transfer using an rsync daemon instead of ssh (unless the file is secret).

- Transfer the file between a different pair of hosts.

- Make a copy of the file, modify it slightly (e.g., modify a few bytes or
slightly lengthen or shorten it), and transfer that.

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