DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6027] Error when rsync encounters empty symlinks

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Wed Jan 14 04:36:44 GMT 2009

------- Comment #2 from matt at  2009-01-13 22:36 CST -------
In general, rsync is not designed to cope with corrupt filesystems, but if it
handles a file with an empty name, I suppose it should handle this too.  I had
a slightly different patch:

The place where the code is hooked is a matter of taste; I preferred to catch
the invalid data as soon as possible to avoid any potential surprises.  On the
other hand, the error message definitely needs to be more clearly distinct from
the "symlink has no referent" message that can happen with --copy-links.

It may not be easy to test the code on a true empty symlink, but I at least saw
the code path in action by temporarily hacking readlink_stat to substitute an
empty string as the target if the symlink's name began with "z".  :)

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