rsync to fat32 on different platforms

Andreas Nef a.nef at
Fri Jan 9 14:01:18 GMT 2009

Ok, thanks for the inputs. The problem continues, though. I'm using  
the current cwrsync version now (which includes rsync 3.0.5). The  
detailed output shows that the receiving of the file names works  
perfectly, but when the generator starts things are getting very slow.  
It somhow takes unacceptabely long  for these tasks:
[generator] make_file(x/y.pdf,*,2)
The files in question are sometimes quite large (200-300MB). I also  
tried to use the parameter "--size-only" but that did not help either.

However: If I cancel the job and run it a second time, these  
"make_file"-tasks are executed in a normal fast way for the files that  
have already been checked until it reaches the files that were not  
covered during the first (incomplete) run. And: When I attach the  
drive to a darwin pc and sync it there, then go back to the windows  
machine and do a sync again, the slow checks begin anew.

Can you give more hints based on these infos?


Am 09.01.2009 um 02:40 schrieb Matt McCutchen:

> On Thu, 2009-01-08 at 11:38 +0100, Andreas Nef wrote:
>> I have a dozen of external usb disks which should be kept in sync  
>> with
>> a central rsync server.
>> As I can't predict which OS they will be used with they are formatted
>> with fat32. If I use them with either Linux (ubuntu) or OS X rsync
>> works without problems. However, when I try the syncing with the hd
>> attached to a windows pc the rsync process (using cygwin) will take
>> close to 40 minutes only check what needs to be updated. Does anybody
>> know what could be the cause for this strange behaviour? Is it
>> something with permissions (parameters I used for initial creation of
>> the copy were "-rtluvz --modify-window=1")? Or are there  
>> compatibility
>> issues with rsync/cygwin?
> Cygwin might just be slow, or there might genuinely be something  
> strange
> going on.  Increase the verbosity to -vvv to find out more about  
> what is
> taking so long.  Also, you may wish to use rsync >= 3.0.0 on the  
> Windows
> machine to get the speed benefit of incremental recursion, if you  
> aren't
> already doing so.
> -- 
> Matt

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