Problem Escaping Spaces in File Name

Jon me at
Mon Jan 5 18:06:23 GMT 2009


Mike Bombich wrote:
> Take a look at the "--protect-args" argument as well, this is probably a 
> more elegant solution.

Thanks, I agree it would be. Both these systems are running 2.6.8, 
though, which was released prior to the --protect-args switch.

Add another thing to my list...



>        -s, --protect-args
>               This option sends all filenames and some options to the 
> remote rsync without allowing the remote shell to  interpret  them.
>               This means that spaces are not split in names, and any 
> non-wildcard special characters are not translated (such as ~, $, ;,
>               &, etc.).  Wildcards are expanded on the remote host by 
> rsync (instead of the shell doing it).
>               If you use this option with --iconv, the args will also be 
> translated from the local  to  the  remote  character-set.   The
>               translation happens before wild-cards are expanded.  See 
> also the --files-from option.
> Mike
> On Jan 5, 2009, at 10:29 AM, Jon wrote:
>> As is always the case, I seem to have solved it a few minutes after 
>> writing this email.
>> Turns out I don't need to escape it at all if I wrap the entire source 
>> path in double quotes. I had tried only wrapping the final directory 
>> in double quotes and that was failing.
>> Thanks
>> Jon
>> Jon wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>> I realize this has been addressed ad naseum, but I simply cannot seem 
>>> to solve my issue despite many hours of mucking about. I am 
>>> attempting to run a command like:
>>> rsync -prvl --delete --stats --progress -e 'ssh -p 22 -i 
>>> /root/.ssh/id_dsa' 
>>> backup/company/data/current_backup/company_Ralf/doc\\\ -\\\ network/ 
>>> root at"/drives/m/mirrorcentralstoredir/company/'doc 
>>> - network/'" > '/backup/company/logs/Sync_company_doc - 
>>> network_temporary_log_file.log'
>>> I am getting the error:
>>> rsync: link_stat 
>>> "/backup/company/data/current_backup/company_Ralf/doc\ -\ network/." 
>>> failed: No such file or directory (2)
>>> That particular call is escaped three times as per one of the 
>>> examples on [1], but I have tried one and two escapes as well.
>>> I have attempted all manners of escaping listed on the Rsync site 
>>> [1], but to no avail. I suspect that is because I am using rsync 
>>> through SSH and those examples deal with connecting to the rsync 
>>> daemon on the remote system.
>>> I have tried wrapping the source path in single quotes and double 
>>> quotes (and the single then double quote as listed in [1])  as well 
>>> as escaping the space with a varying number of backslashes and I 
>>> always get the same error.
>>> I have verified that the source directory does indeed exist.
>>> I am not an expert is escaping, but I believe the command is escaped 
>>> twice. Once in the script that makes the call, once on the host OS 
>>> when the rsync call is made.
>>> Can someone save me from my madness and point out what I am not seeing?
>>> Thanks
>>> Jon
>>> [1].
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