Delete files specified in "--from-files"-file that don't exist on the sender side

Wayne Davison wayned at
Sat Feb 28 17:36:05 GMT 2009

On Fri, Feb 13, 2009 at 12:31:54AM +0100, intripoon wrote:
> Now there are files I want to have deleted on PC B. They don't exist
> on PC A. I hoped I could just add them to the list of files given to
> --from-files, but the sender just tells me "failed: No such file or
> directory (2)" and goes on.

I added an option to the latest development version that supports this:
--delete-missing-args.  Can be used with or without --files-from.
See the git repository or the latest "nightly" tar file if you'd like
to try it out.


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