rsync --files-from

Manoj Joseph Manoj.Joseph at Sun.COM
Fri Feb 27 02:55:22 GMT 2009


I am working on a replication tool for lustre filesystems.

We have introduced a mechanism for getting the changes that have been
made to a lustre filesystem - similar to inotify. We call this
mechanism, changelogs.

For performing replication, we open the source file using its 'file
identifier' or FID (think of it an inode that is unique cluster wide)
instead of its path. The file is then replicated to the target.

We would like to use rsync to do this data copy. I was investigating
ways to pass a stream of filenames to rsync. It would seem that we
cannot use '--files-from' as we copy from $SRC/.lustre/$FID to

Is there a way of passing a list of source _and_ destination paths??

It would have been even better if there were a rsync library that our
replication tool could link to, instead of passing a list of files.

The librsync project on sourceforge ( seems to
be unmaintained. Does anyone on this list have any experience with using
rsync as a library?

Kind regards,

Manoj Joseph
Lustre Group,
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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