Renamed files and directories

David Howe DaveHowe.RSync at
Thu Feb 26 14:02:51 GMT 2009

Jamie Lokier wrote:
> There are methods to perform efficient updates of large numbers of
> files and a large amount of data, across simultaneous renames, copies
> and edits.  But that is the realm of "similarity detection indexing",
> which is beyond the scope of rsync.  At least with the present design,
> which doesn't use persistent indexing of any kind.  (This is a feature!)

I can see that being a lot of work, yes - but in the less complex case
(where you have "deleted" directories and "new" directories), it might
be worthwhile to look for exact matches (file+stamp) in the sacrificial
directories for a mv before they are deleted, which would catch the
majority of files in a worst-case scenario of the root directories being
renamed or moved.

I am less worried about individual file renames and/or "missing" the
opportunity to diff a large file that has been both moved and updated,
than having to resync multiple gigs of stuff over a slow link, because
some user renamed a directory.

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