rsync replaces symlinks on destination

Laurent Raufaste analogue at
Wed Feb 18 11:04:49 GMT 2009


I need an option to make rsync not replace a symlink on destination,
but for files.
Something like --keep-links.

Let's suppose I have this setup:
 - source-dir/source-file
 - destination-dir/destination-file (symlink to ../real-destination-file)
 - real-destination-file

After doing an "rync -a source-dir/ destination-dir", I'd like to have
my destination-dir/destination-file symlink kept, but the content of
real-destination-file synced to the content of source-dir/source-file

Is it possible in any way ?
If not, would a patch implementing a --keep-links option would be accepted ?

Thanks :)

Laurent Raufaste

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