Should posters be required to join the list? (was: Bad habits)

Wayne Davison wayned at
Sat Feb 14 17:29:11 GMT 2009

On Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 10:47:29PM -0500, Matt McCutchen wrote:
> I'm shifting my position on this issue because I've seen several
> problems that would be solved by requiring posters to join the list:

I have decided that we'll try running the list that way and see how
we like it:

Non-member postings are now rejected, requiring that the user join to
be able to post.  The welcome message now mentions that it is easy to
toggle the reception of list-email off & on, so hopefully people who
want to be able to post but don't want to be subscribed will not have
difficulty tweaking their options appropriately.


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