DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6107] Need a way to ask configure to disable all use of iconv_open()

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Sat Feb 14 16:06:58 GMT 2009

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            Summary|--disable-iconv does nothing|Need a way to ask configure
                   |                            |to disable all use of
                   |                            |iconv_open()

------- Comment #1 from wayned at  2009-02-14 10:06 CST -------
The --disable-iconv's purpose is to turn off the --iconv option (as ./configure
--help states).  It does not disable all use of iconv_open(), since rsync still
wants a good way to figure out what characters may be output to the user in a
legible manner.

I have added the configure option --disable-iconv-open, which disables all use
of iconv_open().  That will (of course) also disable --iconv.

Ideally, it would be better to figure out why configure believes that
iconv_open() exists in your environment, yet rsync can't use it.  If you could
discover what that disconnect is, please let me know.

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