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Jon Watson jwatson at
Fri Feb 13 14:07:25 GMT 2009

I'm not sure either of this functionality falls within rsync's purview.
Rsync is an "open source utility that provides fast incremental file
transfer." It's not an application that mounts drives or clusters space
or provides P2P functionality.

I can see using rsync *within* some apps that provide the functionality
you're looking for, but I don't see this functionality as something that
rsync itself should do.

My 0.02.


Ryan hains wrote:
> Hi, I have 2 Suggestion for rsync.
> 1)You should have a feature that enables rsync to be able to manage a
> cluster of web servers with load balancers, so if a person has 100 web
> servers connected together and running them as a cluster with load
> balancers, rsync will mount all the hard-drives of the 100 web servers
> together so they appear as 1 big hard drive. So when a person accesses
> their website by going to their url like
> <>, cpanel or any other control panel will
> display all the hard drives as one big hard drive, so when a user
> uploads a file, rsync will make it automatically be available on all 100
> server's hard drives. This would be great for programmers because they
> won't have to code their scripts to work in a cluster environment
> because all hard drives will appear as one. rsync should also work with
> databases like mysql so if a person installs mysql on the 1 big hard
> drive, rsync would automatically install it on all of the 100 server's
> hard drives, and if anything is added into the mysql database or
> changed, rsync will do this instantly. If a person installed PHP or PERL
> or PYTHON etc onto the 1 big hard drive, rsync would automatically
> install it on all 100 server hard drives.
> 2)Rsync should have a feature where a person installs rsync on their
> server, and then website visitors download a new desktop version of
> rsync and type in settings that the main server owner gives them and run
> this file on their home pc and their internet connection becomes part of
> the main server so their pc hard drive and cpu become part of the main
> server so when people access the website, some data will be downloaded
> from the main server, and some from the website visitors who downloaded
> and are running the app. There should be a bandwidth limiter so users
> can choose to share either 1Kbps, 56Kbps,128Kbps,1Mbps,10Mbps.
> Can you pass my suggestions onto the appropriate person/s?
> Thanks
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