David Howe DaveHowe.RSync at
Mon Feb 9 10:41:33 GMT 2009

I have seen this question posed in the past, but without reply - there
is a port of the rsyncd and client to Netware available here:

Which appears to have had no active participants since 2005 (and no
posts to the associated mailing lists since they were created)

I noted the opening paragraph:

| RSYNC is an open source utility under a GNU-style license that has
| been ported to NetWare® and that is being used in the Nterprise Branch
| Office, the Novell soft appliance. It is compiled and delivered as an
| NLM. It will be hosted here on forge while we work with the Rsync team
| to put it into the source code. Be sure to check

and came here, but can't see a trace of an nlm build target in the
source; does anyone know what happened to this project?

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