Rsync from Windows to Linux

Matt McCutchen matt at
Mon Feb 9 02:28:39 GMT 2009

On Mon, 2009-02-09 at 07:57 +1100, Tyson & Dina Patricia Ackland wrote:
> I have installed rsync on my Windows and Linux PCs.  I would like to
> use it to copy a folder from Windows to Linux on a regular basis as
> part of my backup regime.  It works but always prompts me for a
> password.  Is there any way to make Windows pass authentication
> automatically so that I can batch this process?

Yes; it depends on what kind of password you are being prompted for.  If
it's an ssh password (with a destination of the form HOST:PATH), set up
an authorized key as described in the "Authentication" section of the
ssh(1) man page.  If it's an rsync daemon password (with a destination
like HOST::MODULE/PATH or rsync://HOST/MODULE/PATH), put the password in
a file on the client and specify that file to rsync with the
--password-file option.


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