Include and Exclude

Benjamin R. Haskell rsync at
Sat Dec 26 21:57:37 MST 2009

On Thu, 24 Dec 2009, LuKreme wrote:

> I thought this command would do what I wanted, but instead it doesn't transfer any files:
> rsync -avh --stats --password-file=/var/rsync.passwd --include=Maildir/ 
> --exclude=* mail::root/usr/home /backup/usr/
> I want to backup ONLY the /usr/home/*/Maildir directories. I don't want 
> any other files from any other directories to be transferred.
> I can see in the man page where this is a problem:
>        when using the --recursive (-r) option (which is implied by -a), every 
>        subcomponent of every path is visited  from  the top down, so include/
>        exclude patterns get applied recursively to each subcomponent's full 
>        name (e.g. to include "/foo/bar/baz" the subcomponents "/foo" and 
>        "/foo/bar" must not be excluded).
> It then gives an example of including the parent directories.
> Trouble is, I do not want any files in /usr/home/fred/ to be synced at 
> all, only the files (and directories) in /usr/home/fred/Maildir/

The following comes close:

rsync -avh '--include=/*/' '--include=/*/Maildir/***' '--exclude=*' home/ 

(Might need to preface the first /* components in the patterns with 
'root/usr/home' or '/root/usr/home' for your case.)

I say "comes close" because it gets an extra empty directory for every 
user directory, even if it doesn't contain a Maildir.

> Also, I don't necessarily know all the pathnames in /usr/home/; I don't 
> want to have to build a manual include list every time I want to sync 
> these folders.

Not sure if "I don't want to have to build a manual include list" 
precludes using a script to generate the list, but for solving this same 
problem a while back (backing up user maildirs), I used something like the 

getent passwd | cut -f6 -d: | sort | uniq \
| perl -lnwe '$_.="/Maildir"; print if -e' \
| xargs -iZ rsync -avzR /./Z/ backup/Z/

I don't remember if that's the exact rsync command, but the point is that 
it wasn't too hard to generate the list of Maildir directories, assuming 
it's possible to list the homedirs.


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