deletes on recipient server, but don't delete natively created files

onassar onassar at
Fri Dec 25 14:18:42 MST 2009

rsync --archive --delete --quiet --progress --stats --compress
--rsh=/usr/bin/ssh --exclude ".svn" --exclude ".DS_Store" --exclude "."
--exclude ".." --exclude "thumbs.db" /Users/test/Desktop/Sites/

I'm running that on osx talking to my ubuntu box. if i delete a file out of
Sites, it deletes it out of www on the remote, as expected. My server, once
in a while, creates files though, like error logs, receives file uploads,
etc. Is there a flag to specify that will only delete remote files on an
rsync trigger if the files were created by the ssh-ing user?

I looked through the whole man, and while I saw the filter rules, I'm not
sure if that could be used. Any thoughts would be very much appreciated.

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