How do I make rsync ignore unreadable files (damaged sectors)?

Stefan Nowak at
Tue Dec 22 04:50:20 MST 2009

Did I understand this correctly?
rsync skips a file as soon as it receives an I/O error from the OS?

Then the solution would be to write a script in such a manner:
1) Set OS I/O timeout/attempts to your maximum tolerance.
2) rsync --your --options
3) Set OS I/O timeout/attempts back to the default OS values.

On which OS can you modify the maximum timeout/attempts for I/O errors?
And how? And for what kind of devices?
Curious for: Mac OS X, Windows, Linux.

Am 22.12.2009 um 12:35 schrieb Paul Slootman:

> I suspect that this is more down to the OS and the CDROM drive both
> trying very hard to read the damaged data. You would have to do a  
> strace
> or similar to determine whether rsync is actually getting IO errors  
> from
> the OS or not.


> On Tue 22 Dec 2009, Tomas Gustavsson wrote:
>> So I took a CD (which I scratched with a needle) and mounted it to  
>> the file
>> system. There after I started the backup job which went on forever  
>> and never
>> got completed. It seems that rsync refused to understand that the  
>> file it
>> tried to copy was located on damaged sectors on the CD, and there  
>> fore was
>> unreadable.

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