How do I make rsync ignore unreadable files (damaged sectors)?

Tomas Gustavsson tomplast at
Tue Dec 22 03:58:10 MST 2009

Lately I've working on a backup script that utilize rsync together with
MySQL logging. Everything has been working just fine until now when I needed
to generate some errors for my error handling code.

So I took a CD (which I scratched with a needle) and mounted it to the file
system. There after I started the backup job which went on forever and never
got completed. It seems that rsync refused to understand that the file it
tried to copy was located on damaged sectors on the CD, and there fore was

So what I want is to make rsync skip a file after a couple of unsuccessful
attempts to read it. I have searched Google for an answer and looked at the
rsync manual but I couldn't find anything useful.

Thanks for your assistance.

/Tomas Gustavsson
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