File list and find_fuzzy() insights for algo fiddling

Robert Siemer Robert.Siemer at
Mon Dec 21 00:03:35 MST 2009


I read the source around find_fuzzy(), but got stuck in get_dirlist(). I
thought the latter returns the subset of the current “global” file list
of the receiver side (which is complete, or an incremental part(?)),
reduced to the “same directory” restriction.

Can someone enlighten me, where the “global file list” is stored? Is
that actually used for fuzzy-match? If not, why not?

When is recv_generator() invoked? It seems to store some static
fuzzy-related data, but I don’t get the big picture when this data is

My intention is to augment the fuzzy-search to search in the whole
receiver target subtree.


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