Rsync shortcutting output?

Joel Peabody jpeabody at
Fri Dec 18 08:12:35 MST 2009

> On Thu 17 Dec 2009, Joel Peabody wrote:
>> The meaning of my question is twofold.  First, if this is a known issue
>> and what I'm seeing is, in fact, what's intended to happen on systems of
>> this size.  Second, is there any feature, flag, or setting that is
>> either
>> being overlooked in my rsync command or is otherwise undocumented.  Is
>> there some sort of switch that can be flicked either in the rsync setup
>> or
>> my unitilization of it to force it to put out full filenames that is not
>> covered in the manpage, or is there and I'm not seeing it?
> All I can say is that:
>     --progress is not suitable for logging to a file (or reporting to a
>     mailinglist)
>     you use -i (itemize changes) but I see no related output in your
>     message
> So something in the way you log the output isn't quite right.
> Paul
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That's what I thought.  I already have 'i' in my flags (-rpti) so I'm kind
of at a dead end.  I found one other post on the web where someone was
having a similar problem.  He had 28 million files in his system, and
upgrading to 3.0 solved it.  I guess that's going to be my ammunition in
the battle for getting these systems upgraded.  Till then I guess it's
going to be some kind of post-transfer job with the ls command.


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