retransfer fail of large files with inplace and broken pipe

Tom raschel at
Sun Dec 13 00:57:50 MST 2009

to make things more clear

first transfer is done either a initial setup or with a usb hdd to get 
sender and receiver in sync.

transfer does not stop because rsync had a timeout, it stops because the dsl 
line is broken (which i could see at dyndns)

if dsl line is stable the transfer is successfull (which works furtunately 
most of the time)

i am searching for a way to reduce the time to retransfer the file or in 
other words to resume the filetransfer after a broken pipe
(e.g. if you download a 4.4 GB Centos Image it is comfortable to resume the 
transfer of a 99 % transfered file instead to download all from scratch)

> First: Transfer or re-transfer. I think, particularly with bad 
> connections,
> you need to treat those VERY differently.
> For the initial transfer, --partial should help.
> For retransfers, where stuff in the middle has changed, I would expect the
> necessary state information to exist ONLY in the two running processes, 
> and
> that information is lost if the connection goes down.
> This includes the connection dying because both sides are going through 
> the
> file and have nothing worthwhile to say to each other.
> As usual, flames invited if I've got any of this wrong.
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